Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'll give it the old college try...

So I was reading one of my favourite blogs (Wendy Knits!) and she is doing what she calls Knit from your stash 2007. There are a number of rules, but the basic idea is that she (and anyone who wishes to join her) will only knit from yarn in her (their) stash, and not purchase any new yarn. Since I now have an apartment which I will have to share with my supportive yet non-knitter boyfriend, I'm thinking that using up some of my stash in this manner may not be a bad idea. For anyone else who may be interested in this endeavor please use the link provided to access the basic rules. So starting in January, I will do my best not to purchase any more wool [(aside from sock yarn which doesn't count ;)].
As to my Xmas projects...we will not speak of those. They are still WIPs. I have determined if I finish them great...If I don't the earth will not swallow me whole. They can always become next year's Christmas gifts.

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