Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ok...I think I'm back...

...Although, now that Christmas present time is here...I may get distracted by knitting again.

I do have some pics though:
I'm knitting his and her argyle Christmas stockings, and I finished the his:

Here it is displayed in what will become its place on the "chimney". Yesterday I bought these cool stocking holders at Home Sense. I just have to stitch his name on it and it will be completely finished.

In October I went to the Inspirations needlecraft show.

I got this:

(the yarn was selected by my boyfriend for a new pair of socks for him. Go figure)

and this:

The Fleece Artist Garter Stitch Jacket in my favourite colourway...Rainforest! I can't wait to start it! (after I finish the Christmas stuff). I am rather proud that with all the wonderful vendors at the show, I managed to restrain myself and purchased only two items (the sock yarn doesn't count).

I also got my October Sock Club kit from Robyn's Nest, and I'm eagerly awaiting the November one:
I LOVE the colours!
Anyhoo back to Christmas knitting! Stay tuned because my blogoversary is fast approaching and I will come up with a contest!

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Raven said...

ohhh... Fleece Artist, I think I love those guys. Love the stocking. Welcome back.