Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I think I am developing an eye twitch...

...however, there has been progress:

Finishing the Hugs and Kisses sweater for my boyfriend (my own pattern and first attempt at an Aran-style sweater) was courtesy of this last Sunday:

One heck of a snowstorm! We got dumped on, and it isn't even winter yet!

In light of the fact that I have no other finished projects to share with you, (although I only have one more to complete) I have decided to show you the ornaments in all their glory on my tree:

I love these ornaments that I got out of a Christmas craft magazine at the Library: (I can't remember the magazine, but the design is by Kathleen George for the Dow Chemical Co.[they make Styrofoam brand], I just used smaller Styrofoam balls)

Basically you need some leftover yarn, a Styrofoam ball, two bamboo skewers, and two wooden beads. You wrap the yarn around the Styrofoam ball, and secure the end with some glue. You cut the pointy ends off the skewers at the length you want, and then glue the beads to the ends to make knitting needles. Stab the "needles" through the ball of yarn, hang and enjoy!

So, now it's back to knitting...



Raven said...

What a wonderful sweater. It looks like it will come in useful with all that snow.

Love the yarn ornament.

Dave said...

Wow, that's an awesome sweater!!