Monday, June 16, 2008

Okay... we've determined that I am a very inconsistent blogger. I find blogging takes away from my knitting time ( I really need to learn how to type with my feet). But since the Summer of Socks 2008 is coming up (yippee!) I have to start faithfully blogging again (so you all can see the socks I finish).
Speaking of finished socks:
Here's my first Blueberry Cheesecake sock:
This is TOFUtsies yarn in the 736 colourway. It reminds me of blueberry cheesecake (hence the name). The pattern is Wendy's Toe-up socks with a difference. The difference is that the gusset stitches are on the bottom of the foot. Really cool. I like them. I'm just turning the heel of the 2nd one. I'm trying to finish it before the 21st when the SOS'08 starts.
Also on the needles is Witterings. I'm hoping to get this done by Canada Day, so when I'm on the hill, my face wont burn (that's the plan anyways). I'm doing it in plain 'ol Handicrafter Cotton from Bernat. Pics will be posted along with pics of the AWESOME sock club kit from Robyn's nest which arrived today. The colours....yummy!
Well it's starting to storm here and I have to finish reading Careless in Red by Elizabeth George so I'll log off.

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