Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Plugging along...

Still knitting, but have become very distracted by my Wii Fit. I love that thing...

I did manage to finish the Summer Socks:

and I'm working on another pair:
These are Two-at-a-time, toe-up, magic loop socks. The pattern is available as a free download from Knitpicks. The wool is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Colortweed, and I love how it's striping.

I did manage to finish Witterings in time for Canada Day:
That's me in the middle with Parliament Hill in the background.

I've also cast on The Garter Stitch Jacket by Fleece Artist.

I have had that kit since last November, but was hesitant to wind the mohair without a swift (there is nothing worse than tangled mohair). However, since my wonderful boyfriend bought me a swift for my 30th birthday (yikes I can't believe I'm that old!), I managed to wind the balls with nary a tangle! I'm not quite sure about the pattern though. If I follow it word for word, it's not really garter stitch, but rather stockinette. I'm not sure if that's due to a typo, or if I'm supposed to knit stockinette and wear it inside out. I'm more inclined to do the latter because that's how it was written and I can't find any corrections for it.
Finally, I've begun Shedir.
This is being knit in Cabin Fever Tweed DK in Purple. It is for my boyfriend's sister who has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. The strain she has is very receptive to treatment and has an 85% survival rate, but the news was a blow to the family. Especially since she lives all the way in Philly.
Well, back to knitting and hopefully I'll have more fo's in my next post.

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