Friday, January 12, 2007

Moving is hard work... poor neglected blog, I've missed you. THE MOVE is almost over (I still have one bag full of yarn to move and some appliances my mom is letting me have, Oh and my mom and I have to duke it out over who gets which sweaters), but other than that I'm in my new apartment and have been for two weeks. The furniture is there and looks wonderful, and I can finally knit again! (Let me tell you...Ikea furniture and knitting...bad combination. Those allen keys wreak havoc on your hands). I have no pictures because I have to install my web cam on to my boyfriends computer...but I will have some soon.
The stash is well...stashed and I have lots of room to expand it once the KFYS2007 is over in September (sock yarn doesn't count) OMG! Have you heard about the dumb bankers and Socks that Rock?! On the one hand you have to be happy that the bank is looking out for the Credit card users interests...but on the other hand..."so many people couldn't possibly be interested in sock yarn (HELLO do these bankers live in a cave?) therefore Blue Moon Fiber Arts must be running a scam. For anyone that hasn't heard about this I send you to the Yarn Harlot, she has a great description of the situation.
Okay...detour ended, back on track...where was I? Oh yes... the stash...I have a nice big closet dedicated to my stash...and a wonderfully dreamy knitting spot. Right in front of my electric fireplace (as close to real fire as I will get in a 2ndloor apartment) on the love seat.

I'm still working on the scarf that was supposed to be my boyfriends Xmas gift (I'm hoping to have it for Valentine's now) and then, since winter seems to finally be making up it's mind to arrive, I'll have to finish my scarf and the mitts to match the tasseled fez.

Anyhoo, I only have a short time left on my break, and I want to read some more of my Chicks With Sticks book. So TTFN and KEEP KNITTING!

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