Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I couldn't resist...

I went shopping yesterday and I bought a few things.

I was going to Michael's to buy beads to work on the fringe for the stole, but I first stopped off in Chapters. I bought these:

No Sheep for you, and the latest Thursday Next novel. I love these books.

Then I went to Michael's and bought the beads and thread:

I can't wait to finish the beading and see how it looks!

Then I stopped at Walmart and bought this:

A digital scale so I can divide up my balls of sock yarn. I'm so excited!

I've been busy feeding my addiction to Ravelry. I've posted most of my sock yarns, some of my projects, and joined a few groups. I warn you...Ravelry is VERY ADDICTIVE...if you don't believe me, check out this post by the Yarn Harlot. She knows the power of Ravelry.

Anyhoo that's it for today.

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Sner said...

I had NO idea there was a new Thursday Next novel. It's taking all my strength not to run out to Chapters right now!!! Thanks for keeping me up to date!