Tuesday, January 1, 2008


It's 2008!...

and I spent the first day of the new year in true Canuck fashion:

Watching the Winter Classic Hockey Game,

During a snowstorm.

It might have been the beer I was drinking, but I found this very amusing:

Buffalo goalie Ryan Miller with a toque on his helmet.

Here's a closer look:

During the game I managed to get some knitting done:

Yes folks, we have a pinkie on my boyfriend's mitten! So far I am enjoying this pattern, and once I figure out how to do the rest of the fingers I'll be set.

Okay, this is the time of year for resolutions, so here goes:

I would like to eat healthier and hopefully lose some weight
I would like to knit more and attend the Ottawa Knitnites on a more regular basis
I want to learn how to use my sewing machine
and finally I want to blog at least once a week. (This one should be easy since I got this new laptop)

Oh...I just thought of another one...I want to learn how to spin.
I should be able to keep these resolutions, I hope.

Anyway, off to work on one of them: Knit more.