Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some people are incomprehensible...

I am absolutely incensed! I get to the library and waiting for me is a copy of Interweave Knits which has a pattern I wanted to look at, and some inconsiderate schmuck (I can't believe it's a knitter since a real knitter would never be so rude) has ripped out an entire pattern from the magazine! Fortunately it wasn't the pattern I was looking for, but still... The library is nice enough to purchase a subscription to the magazine so everyone can enjoy it, and you are going to be selfish and steal (yes, steal) a section of it. I've been on the Interweave Knits website and if they no longer have a certain copy in print, they suggest checking if your local library has a copy so they have no objection to you using the pattern in a library copy. If you have to return the magazine before you are done with it, photocopy the pattern...the library charges 10 cents a copy, given that you tore out about 6 pages it would have cost you 60 cents and then everyone would still have a chance to use the pattern. Ugh!

Okay...I'm done ranting...

In happy news, the postman brought me lots of goodies.

Stitchmarkers from:


Aren't they cute! They came from the UK and she tempted me with chocolate (I may have to move to England to satisfy my chocoholism). I didn't resist.

From Kena:

These make me think of summer (which is a good thing, since we're supposed to get more snow today).

and from Melissa:

Pretty little sparklies!

I also got my order from The Loopy Ewe:

Two bottles of Soak in the limited edition "Celebration" scent. This stuff smells so yummy, I can't wait to wash my hand knits!

I also got my Knitpicks Winter catalogue, and after posting this, I may do some shopping.

Speaking of shopping, I scored a sweet deal on some wool from Robyn's Nest (don't bother trying to get some, she's sold out). I picked up some Briggs & Little Heritage in the limited edition Anniversary colourway (I like limited editions) at a special anniversary price of $1.50 a skein! Getting excited yet? What if I tell you that each hank contains 215 yards of lovely pure wool? Ah...I thought that might make you jealous! I bought 10 skeins of it, and can't wait for it to arrive. Which leads me to a any of my readers understand Finnish? See, I found this great pattern on Ravelry that reminds me of the Hugs and Kisses sweater I made for my boyfriend. The problem is the free pattern is only available in Finnish. I tried using an online translator, but it only translates every other word or so, and none of the words are the important ones. Sigh...I guess I'll see if the Finnish-English dictionary I placed on request will help me, or I'll just have to try something else.

Last but not least, I found a new blog to read: Rose-Kim Knits. It's entertaining especially on Thursdays. Why Thursdays you may ask? Because on Thursdays she has this regular post entitled Thursdays are for what the hell is this... in which she posts about wacky, unusual, and downright insane knits and patterns she has found while perusing the net. Today's posting was about a knitted replica of a dissected frog. It's really quite impressive!



Raven said...

$1.50 - for Briggs Little?!? That's ridiculous. I can't believe I missed it, that's got to be the best price ever. There yarn is like the ever-lasting skein. You lucky, lucky thing.

What a horrible thing to do to a magazine! I had something like that happen to me recently. You don't think there is some random wondering A-hole going around Canada tearing out knitting patterns from books and magazines do you?

Knitting Mama said...

That is sooo sad about the magazine. Which issue are you looking for and what pattern? (Maybe I have it!)

MezzoDiva said...

Yeah - I am amazed how some people don't have the basic consideration implicit in the social contract. They just behave as if the world owes them something with no regard as to how their behaviour affects other people.

Okay. Now let's see about finding that pattern for you. I have lots of back issues of IK and several friends are collectors, so bwetween us we can probably hook you up. What issue is it in and what's the pattern?

Debbie said...

What is worse is when they write in books you check out! Sticky notes are what I use or better yet make a photo copy if you really feel the need to edit the pattern!

Some people leave the barn door open if you know what I mean! :)

Anonymous said...

Imagine - to become a thief for 60 cents! I wonder, how many people in the library would have donated those 60 cents to prevent that person from that destiny...

Gorgeous stitch markers. You have been spoilt.

Oh, and tomorrow is Thursday!