Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let It Snow...Let It Snow...Let It Snow...

Greetings from the Great White North! I had a very productive weekend.

The weather outside was frightful on Saturday. In case you hadn't heard we received about 51cm of snow. We are very close to beating the record winter of '70/'71, in which the total snowfall for that winter was 444.6 cm. After this weekend we have had about 413 cm of snow.

This is what it looked like:
and this is the public deck by my apartment on Sunday:
It was a perfect weekend to knit and watch a movie:
As you can see there is progress on Mr. Greenjeans. This is a pretty fast knit and I hope to have it finished soon.
Well, that's the news from here. Now I have to get ready for work.


Raven said...

Pride and Prejudice, what a great knitting movie.

If you have a chance, send some snow my way. Well, maybe not just yet as I've got my garden in and growing, but can I reserve some for next winter?

Joe said...

I LOVE that A&E Pride & Prejudice series! Just love it, I could watch it again and again... :)