Friday, November 17, 2006

Bear with me I'm new at this.

This is the first time I'm blogging and if anyone actually reads this and expects a blog a day, you're in for a disappointment...the best I can promise is a blog a week. I just need a place to rant about my knitting triumphs and woes.
Christmas is about 39 days away now and I still have several presents to complete.
1 pair of pirate socks (men's size 10 ARGHHHH!!!!!!) They are causing me some difficulty due to the problem of getting the stranding around the leg loose enough so the sock will go over the heel, but tight enough so the stitches look nice and even...SIGH...I've frogged the first leg about six times now.
1 alpaca scarf for my boyfriend...It's coming along nicely see:

Incidentally, the sheep in my pictures is one of my collection. I've named him Russell in honor of the book Russell the Sheep by Rob Scotton (if you get the book check out the illustration on page 5 knitters will get a kick out of it).
1 sleeve, the collar and embellishments of the pig sweater:


I'm going to use black I-cord to highlight the tail and the head and snout of the pig.
For X-mas I also have two sleeves left to go on a kid's sweater, but it's made of really chunky yarn and done up on 10mm needles.
And lastly a hat for me (to brave the winter in Canada's capital city):

It's going to be the Tassled Fez from "Hat's On!" by Charlene Schurch. This is my first attempt at Fair Isle-ish knitting and I'm immensely proud of it. I use public transit and I can see myself having great difficulties in keeping myself from screaming out "YES I MADE THIS!!!!!!!!" every time I get on the bus.
I think that's all I still have to do in 39 days... I can do it...I hope....I guess...NO! I must be positive. So I'll pull myself together...pour myself some liquid courage...and try and get those pirate socks to work.

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