Thursday, November 23, 2006

More knitting...

Yea! The fez is finished! Actually I finished it at about 1am this morning. It looks nice, fits well and is very warm:

Now I'm working on a wee cabled sweater:

Unfortunately the lighting is bad and it is a dark green wool so you can't really see the cables (but they are there).

The sweater is for this little guy:

One of my crocheted pigs. He'll be on display at work for the month of December, along with the Pig Sweater.

So...back to my knitting. TTFN!

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NeedleTart said...

Came over from the Harlot. I made the Pirate socks for Elder Son. Size (wait for it) 14. In sock weight. On size 0 needles. It took three skeins of sock yarn, not including the white for the skull. I did intarsia in the round. Which is sort of like knitting back and forth, but that way the yarn carries are only behind the pattern, not around the whole sock. I like the piggy sweater. Your pattern?