Saturday, November 18, 2006

Okay I lied...

This blogging thing is far easier than I thought.
Good news!!! The pirate socks...(those wonderful, aggravating, pirate socks) I think I've finally figured out what I will do with them: Instead of stranding, I will work the basic leg and duplicate stitch the skull and crossbones motifs. Hopefully this will solve my problem.
However, I've added to my list of knitted items. I need something for my boyfriend's mother...I'm not sure what to make her...She doesn't wear socks (even in the winter) so they'll be kind of useless. She's into spa type things...Any suggestions?
Now that I'm almost done my hat...I'll have to start on my scarf and gloves (or mittens) I haven't decided. much wool, so little time...

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