Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quick Update...

Finished the Tiger Eyes!


Now I'm starting to knit bright yellow socks for my boyfriend (he picked the yarn). I think I'm just going to do a generic toe up, ribbed sock, so the colour is really the focus.

I finished blocking the shawl (actually it's more of a stole):

Here's a nice shot of the pattern:

I still have to do the beads. I've decided on just a beaded fringe rather than beads on the stole itself. I think that decision will go a long way in saving my sanity.

Well, that's the update. Tonight I'll knit more socks and watch Miss Marple!


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My Alterknit Identity said...

your blocking mats are they work well, as far as helping the piece dry faster? I'm still trying to find something I like to block on. Right now I use my carpet and I'm just not in love with that process.