Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wool 'n Stuff...

I have finished THE BOOK. You know what I'm talking about. It is AMAZING! That is all I will say on that matter, aside from: blame THE BOOK for my lack of knitting progress. However, I did manage to finish one of my Tiger Eye socks:

Here's a close-up of the leg:

It's kind of neat the way the front and back of the leg have a different pattern. I've never made a pair of socks like that before.


Sheri at The Loopy Ewe took pity on me because the post office stole my Fleece Artist order (see the blog entry on June 27th for details), so she sent me a replacement skein! and a sock blocker key chain! Thank you Sheri!

The colourway is Rainforest. I love the blues and greens.


No, I haven't received my invite yet, but they now have this way to check where you are in line. My position as of about 20 minutes ago stands as such: I am #7251 on the list, however there are only 446 people ahead of me. My invite is coming soon!


I went shopping on my day off (Tuesday) to Wool 'N Things. I went to buy some wool wash so I can wash and block the shawl:

As you can see there is wool wash...among other things. My boyfriend had been complaining that of the SOS socks, there hasn't been a single pair of socks for him. So I told him to pick some sock yarn. This is what he picked:

Bright yellow with shades of pinky red and green. At least he's not boring.
For me, I bought a ball of Tofutsie's. At least I intended to buy one ball. I came home with two, I must've blacked out for a moment in the shop.

I stopped off at Coles Books on my way home and had to buy this:

I didn't buy it for the patterns (although there are several that I like very much and will make), but for the freebie that came with it:

Sheep point protectors!

Anyhoo, that's the update from the Nation's Capital. Now that I've finished THE BOOK, I can return to my regularly scheduled knitting.



Knitting Mama said...

I'll admit I bought the magazine too for the sheep point protectors. The magazine patterns are just alright this month.

Love the yarn porn!

Jen said...

Nice loot! My husband likes funky sock colors too! And nice job on the socks. Keep 'em coming!