Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sleuths, and Socks, and Shawls...Oh my!

I had a fantastic birthday! My co-workers got together and gave me lots of presents:

A chocolate fondue pot. Yummy!

A cool candle. It's made of this jelly-like stuff and has an orchid in it.

A necklace and earring set. The colour is sort of an aqua-sky blue mix. I love it!
Thanks you guys!

My boyfriend and I went out for dinner at East Side Mario's on Saturday. It was delicious! We decided to forgo the movie when we saw how busy the theatre was, so we bought a bottle of wine, went home and celebrated the fact that I'm getting old!

Sunday saw some progress on the knitting front. I finished knitting my shawl:

Now I just have to sew in the ends, block it, and decide how I want to do the beading. Did you think it was actually finished? Not even close, but it's looking good and I'm happy so far.

On Sunday night I worked on the 2nd Gull Wings sock while watching this:

I love a sleuth that knits!

All that knitting paid off because yesterday I managed to:

Finish the Gull Wings! (fanfare!)
I am excessively proud of how I managed to get them to match. See:

Not bad at all.
Last but not least my birthday present to myself from The Loopy Ewe (This is a new order, sadly not the one still lost in transit)
I'm not telling you what the yarn is for ('s a secret!), but it's not socks!
The beaded thing you see there is this:
A row counting bracelet from the Moonlight Knitter. Quite clever really. This way I can keep track of up to 100 rows without losing my little row counter (and my mind). It's been very useful already on my next sock project. I'll have pics of that next time.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday! You have great co-workers!

I am indeed impressed by how well you've matched up the stripes on the socks. I knit two together and usually after about an in or so, I start to notice that the color changes start a tad sooner on one sock. By time I'm done, I sometimes end up several rows off. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!! I have the same birthday, so it's fun to see a fellow knitter post the historical events for "our" day! :-) Nope, not celebrating any kind of Nude day here either, lol! Glad you had a fun day.

~Anne in Louisiana

Mei said...

Hee, I knit to Miss Marple too!

Becky said...

Excellent matching on the socks!

Happy birthday to you as well. Do you watch the Miss Marple series that PBS does sometimes? They've just started the third season. Even my 13 year old muggle son likes watching them.

staceyk said...

I am glad you had ahappy birthday! I usually award myself with an order from Sheri also! By the way, I am glad you like the bracelet! I googled my bracelet, and one of the enrties was yours! I was wondering how people were liking my bracelets! I think Sheri has sold almost 200 of them!