Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Deja Vu...

Here's a pic of the shawl (again...):

Hmmm.... I get a sense of deja vu, but at least this time there are no mistakes, I figured out how the get the top and bottom to line up, and I wrote down the instructions so I don't forget by time I get to that point. So all should be well...(cross your fingers right?)

The nights have still been cold here, so I moved the hibiscus indoors. I think it likes it in here since this is what greeted me this morning:
It's big and beautiful, and there are at least 3 other buds that are ready to bloom soon. The leaves are concerning me though...they look a little limp. I saw a site on the web that suggests spraying it daily with water, so I'm going to try that and see if the leaves revive.
I'm eagerly awaiting my shipment from The Loopy Ewe, since yesterday was a holiday, I figure I should get it tomorrow (I hope...I'm impatient when it comes to yummy sock yarn). I was really impressed with Sheri though...I put my order in last Wednesday at about 9:30am and it was shipped by 12:30pm. Great service!
Last (but definitely not least): GO SENS GO!!!! WOO HOO!!! We're in the Stanley Cup Finals! Sorry Buffalo fans...

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