Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WARNING!!! Yarn Pr0N...

The Socks are finished!:

And there was much rejoicing...
Here is what prompted me to join the Summer of Socks: My sock yarn stash....
I know it's not that enormous...but here's my guilty little secret...I buy sock yarn like Oprah buys shoes. I can't resist it. However, I live with a non-knitter boyfriend who, although he is wonderful and supportive, cannot comprehend my need to collect sock yarn. So I figure if I knit some of the balls into socks (for him as well...he never complains about the socks he receives from the stash)...maybe he wont notice that the stash never seems to diminish. At least that's the plan: Distract him with socks.
On a completely unrelated subject (yeah right) here's my order from the Loopy Ewe:
Oh look! Sock yarn! I can't help it... I'm a sock yarn junkie and proud of it! By the way, it's Interlacements Tiny Toes in the Bachelor Buttons colourway. I can't wait to see what they become.
I'm now impatiently waiting for my catalogue and yarn samples from Lana Knits. I want to knit this sweater for my boyfriend:
It's from the book No Sheep For You by Amy R. Singer, and is made from AllHemp6 which is from Lana Knits. I want to make the sweater in a dark colour with an orange pattern and I can't decide between Licorice and Chocolate...(I know...It wouldn't be a tough decision if this was candy, I hate licorice). I've seen several pictures on the Internet but the colours are never the same, hence the samples.
I also joined the National Capital Knitters web ring. Who knew there were so many knitting bloggers in Ottawa? Or knitters for that matter? See... I know people who knit and live in Ottawa (just check out the turn out when the Yarn Harlot comes to town), but I never really see anyone KIP. I knit on the bus, but I never see anyone else doing it. Where are all you knitters that KIP?
Oh well...I'm off to work on the shawl and figure out which socks to do next.


stitch-dom said...

Well..I can usually be found knitting on the 87. And come on out to knit nights - there is an ottawa knitting group on Yahoo groups with meetups on the first Friday and third Wednesdays of the month.

(and by the way, sock yarn does not count as stash -- or so I'm told)

The Bullknitter said...

Could someone tell me what KIP stands for? Thanks

Christmas Exchange said...

Something that might be of interest to the members of this knitting group:

From now until December 11 — Yarn Forward & Sew-on Fundraiser

Where: Yarn Forward & Sew-on, 581 Bank St., 474 Hazeldean Road
When: Now until December 11
What: Until December 11th Yarn Forward & Sew-On will be producing discount coupons that give the holder a 10% discount on merchandise, which Yarn Forward & Sew-On will then match with a donation to the charity Christmas Exchange. (Sewing machines, sergers, and software only discounted 5% plus a 5% donation to Christmas Exchange). So if you’re planning a big knitting or sewing spree, now is definitely the time to do it! For your 10% discount coupon, please go to or pick one up at their Bank Street location.