Monday, May 7, 2007

I love days off...

I've had a relaxing day off... kinda. My boyfriend and I went to Home Depot early this morning and picked up a bistro set for the balcony. He's bringing it home tonight so I'll have a pic tomorrow. As to the rest of my day...I've been knitting.
I was on the bus this morning heading back from the store and knitting on my sock... when I got home my sock and I did this:

Listened to some music on my stereo and had a nice relaxing cocktail. I like to call it Blue Passion. It's Blue Curacao and Strawberry Passion Awareness Fruitopia. Yummy!
I also worked some more on the shawl:

I'm onto my third and last ball for the top, when it's done I get to pick up the sts along the prov. cast on, and knit the bottom of the shawl. I've determined to stop working on my boyfriend's sweater until I've finished knitting the shawl. It will take a long time to sew on all the beads and do the fringe, so I figure I'll get the knitting done and the work on my boyfriend's sweater when I need a break from sewing. Hopefully I'll get it all done in time. I should since my boyfriend's b-day isn't until September.


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