Tuesday, June 19, 2007

At least I got time to knit....

Yep, I was right: It's Strep Throat. The only good thing about a visit to the doctor's office, is the amount of knitting time it allows.

I was able to finish the heel of my second sock while waiting for the doctor to see me:

Yes those are the stitch markers I received from Knitphomaniac.
Then while in bed trying to recover from the evil strep throat:
I finished the second sock. Yea! Now I can start the SOS2007 with a fresh pair of socks. It starts on Thursday (the Summer Solstice) and runs until September 21st (boy am I glad that Knit from Your Stash allows the purchase of sock yarn).
Finally, before I go back to bed:
My Lavender is blooming. This picture was taken with my new camera. I love how it does close-ups!


My Alterknit Identity said...

Wow! Your knitting is spectacular! I was showing your blog to my SigO and pointing out that you had only one sock finished on Sat and the second was already finished by Tue. He was as stunned as I am. In fact, he thinks maybe you're running a sweat shop! LOL
Love the hat!!

Jen said...

Joanna, sorry to hear you're sick with strep throat of all things. I used to get it as a kid, but have only had it once as an adult and it very nearly did me in! Hang in there!

I look forward to seeing more of your great sock concoctions - are you going for the 'most socks' contest? ;)

- Jen Blog Reader