Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sorry I got carried away...

I've been too busy to blog, but now I will take a break and let you see my progress (it ain't much). I finished the first of my Summer of Socks socks yesterday:
The Aran Sandal Sock:

The colourway makes it kinda hard to see the pattern, but I love it anyway!
Here's a shot of it on my foot:

I love the colour, and it fits my foot really well. I can't wait to finish the second one and start on my next project. I'm not sure what I'll do yet, but I'll find something. One thing is for sure, socks go much more quickly when they are for a size 6 foot and involve an intricate pattern.

Yesterday I was reading the latest Interweave Knits at the library and I fell in love with these:

Knitter's bags from Jordana Paige. The top one is a messenger bag, and the bottom one is the satchel. Other cool knitting bags are from Namaste Needles. I especially like these two:

The Executive.

The Jetsetter. These bags are awesome. Not only are they great purses in really cool colours, but they also have places for your needles, stash, pattern and everything else you'd want to take with you.
How come I've never seen these before? Here I am stuffing all my stuff in my purse, and dealing with needles poking out, and my pattern getting mushed at the bottom, wrapped around my wallet. I think I'm asking for one of these for Christmas (if I can wait that long).
Anyhoo that's it for now. I'm back to knitting socks and watching CSI.

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