Saturday, June 16, 2007

I've Been Busy...

It's less than a month until my birthday, and my boyfriend got me an early present:
A new digital camera! Now I don't have to use my camera phone and pay $0.50/picture to upload.
I got my stitch markers from Knitphomaniac!:
She noticed I like making socks, so she made me these:
I love them!
On the subject of socks:
One down, one to go. I'm hoping to have these done by the 21st so I can start the SOS with a new pair!
Last, but not least, I finished tinking the shawl and was able to finish a row of flowers so you can see how the sides line up:
Not too bad. I can live with this.
Well I'm off to make dinner and knit some more.

1 comment:

knitphomaniac said...

I'm glad you liked my stitch markers! I've finally gotten around to posting the set you've sent me on my blog!

Happy early birthday, by the way!